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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Weekly Wound Up

Happy Mother's Day!  We hope you are having a special day!  We have some fun things we want to show you from this past week, so put your feet up and enjoy:

New Releases

We released three new patterns this week!

Cricket's Smocked Cami and Shorts is a vintage set perfect for special occasions or photo sessions, but is easy enough for beginners. If you have always wanted to make a smocked outfit, this is the one! The instructions include details on how to prepare fabric for pleating, how to pleat the fabric, how to smock the design, and how to finish it off with the sewing machine.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Hands-Free Phone Pouch

I'm really excited about today's free pattern! Not only is it useful for you, it's also going to be super useful for ME and all of my family! I think it would also make the perfect gift for family, friends, and teachers. 

It's a hands-free phone pouch!  Cool, right?  You can hang it all sorts of places using plastic linking rings like these (found in the toy department), or any other kind of metal ring, ribbon, elastic, or string you may have on hand.  The loops on top are for hanging onto just about anything, and the loops on bottom are for adding additional rings or toys for the little ones.  

I also love that the pouch is big enough to hold your phone either horizontal or vertical. It has a velcro flap to keep the phone inside and safe. Plus, the clear covering on the front is thin enough to be just as swipe-able as a regular phone case, so you don't have to take it out to use! 

I think we're all sold on it, so let's get started!

Materials Needed: 
1/3 yard of woven fabric (or scraps) 
1/3 yard clear vinyl* 
3 pieces of Velcro, approx 3/4" x 1" each
Iron, sewing machine, scissors, thread, optional rings

*Clear vinyl can be found at most fabric stores, often on the large bolts in the home decor section. It ranges from 4-gauge (thinnest) to 20-gauge (thickest).  I chose 8-gauge for this project but any of them should work. Just check to make sure you can swipe your phone through the vinyl before you cut and buy it! 

Note: The sizes in this tutorial are based on a phone that is approximately 6" x 3".  The finished view-able size of the pouch is 8" x 8".  If your phone or tablet is larger, you can still use the pattern. Simply determine how much larger yours is than the 6" x 3" phone, and add those amounts to the width and length of the pieces in the next step. (For example, if your phone is 1" taller and 1" wider, add 1" to the large rectangle measurements below.) The loops are the same for all sizes. 

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Little Red Hen's Bonnet and Dress

We have a special treat today for all you hen lovers out there!  Introducing: Little Red Hen's Bonnet and Dress! 

Isn't it amazing?!  Our designer Tosha put this free pattern together for you, at the request of our fabulous customers. Her model willingly obliged and we know your hens are going to love it too!  It's true that hens may not *need* clothes.  Or then again, maybe they do!  (I've never really asked one for her opinion, have you? This may be her dream come true!) 

Plus, that's just about the cutest little flat lay I've ever seen...  

So let's get started! 

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Weekly Wound Up

May is just around the corner and we have some fabulous new patterns for Spring!  Two are for women and one is for men!  Let's take a closer look: 

New Releases

Holland's High-Low Dress is a beautiful piece to add to your summer wardrobe. This is a trendy look that is can be dressed up with beautiful knit fabrics and it's also easy enough for a beginner to sew. Use this pattern to create a cute little date dress or a beautiful dress for a wedding. 

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Fabric Covered Snaps

If you love using snaps on your sewing projects, then today's tutorial is a must-have for you!  Kam snaps are my favorite and they come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. But what about when you want your snaps to have designs from your fabric?  

You have probably seen fabric covered buttons (in fact we have a great tutorial for that).  Well, today, we're going to show you how to make fabric covered SNAPS! 

That's right!  It is a pretty easy technique and they turn out sturdy and cute.  Here's your chance to take your snapping projects up a notch! Let's get started:

You will need fabric, snaps, and a sewing machine for this project. It is also helpful to have a glue stick but it's not required.  I use #20 snaps but other sizes should work too. 

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Weekly Wound Up

It's finally starting to feel like spring around here!  Some areas of the country aren't so lucky, but hopefully the warm weather will find us all soon. In the meantime, springtime sewing is definitely here and we have some great new patterns to help you out! 

New Releases

First of all, we have Kaitlyn's Women's Tank Top and Dress! Kaitlyn's is a staple wardrobe piece for warm weather. This pattern includes shirt and dress lengths as well as multiple hem option: straight hem, curved hem, high-low hem! This is a trendy look that is simple to dress up with beautiful knit fabrics but easy enough for even a beginner to sew. Use this pattern to create a quick activewear top for tomorrow's workout, use it to create a cute little day date dress, or just use it to make a top to wear with your favorite summer shorts. 

We also just released the Women's sizes of our fabulous Canyon's Leotard!  This pattern has options for both leotard and bralette, and features a high neckline with snaps; a full coverage tush, and a peek-a-boo lined bodice. Canyon’s is perfect to be comfy in class, stand out at conventions, or use as a base to make a statement on stage!

Both of these patterns are 30% off through Sunday night.


Our Desirae's Romper sew-along starts Monday!  This romper is super cute and has both long and short options, making it perfect for cool spring weather, as well as those summer months ahead!  For the sew-along, you can grab the pattern at half price (click here) and then come join our CKC Sew-alongs group (click here).  When Monday rolls around, we'll get started!  Each day we will do certain steps and you can sew at whatever time works best for you. At the end of each day we will have a prize drawing; plus we'll be there to answer questions, give helpful tips, and even provide some video tutorials!  We can't wait to see the cute romper you make with us. See you there! 

As you shop these new releases and sew-along, don't forget about our automatic Tiered Pricing; the more you buy the more you save! 

That's it for this Weekly Wound Up. We hope you have a fabulous Sunday and week ahead!  

~ CKC Patterns ~ 

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Weekly Wound Up

New Releases

We're getting all jazzed for spring here at CKC Patterns! This week's new pattern releases feature five special patterns just for you and your loved ones:

1. Lady Stardust Unicorn Stuffie

2. Andrea's Women's Off the Shoulder Top and Dress

3. Winlee's Girls One Shoulder Dress

Friday, April 13, 2018

DIY Hair Scrunchies

The scrunchies are back!  

I tend to consider myself a borderline 80's girl because I was born in the 80's, but I was pretty young at the time so I didn't fully experience it like others may have. One of the fads that really stuck around in my house, though, was the hair scrunchie!  I have three older sisters and we all had long hair and were pretty active, so scrunchies were an everyday part of life.  We had a big blue bin of hair scrunchies we all shared (although we'd kind of stash our favorites in other places), and I even remember my sisters teaching me how to make them. 

So imagine my delight (and surprise) when I saw hair scrunchies are on trend again!  It's pretty common now to see teen girls wearing them in a low, loose ponytail. That's not how we used to wear them, but it works!  And if you're reading this blog post, there's a good chance you know a girl or two who is wanting some fabulous hair scrunchies of her own.  So let's get started! 

The first task is to decide which method you want to use:  1) Using a purchased hair elastic, or 2) using 1/4" wide sewing elastic.  Both work just fine and I grew up using the second method so it's definitely fine. However, the first method is one I came up with on my own just recently (although I probably wasn't the first person to do it) and it's by far my favorite. Because I had long thick hair, my scrunchies were always sagging so I always had to put in a hair elastic underneath my scrunchie - or wrap two of them together to get them to stay up.  But this first method does away with that!  I took my favorite hair elastic that is nice and stretchy but still tight, and I sewed the scrunchie fabric right around it. (No, I didn't have to cut the elastic! I'll show you how... )  It stays in my hair much better!  But if you're a traditionalist and want to make a scrunchie using supplies in your sewing room rather than your makeup bag, you're welcome to choose the second method!  They're very similar and end up looking about the same. I'll go through both way step-by-step so you won't have to do any flipping back and forth.  Here goes! 

Using Your Favorite Hair Elastic

First of all, grab one of your favorite large hair elastics. My favorite is the Goody Ouchless found in most local stores and online. 

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Weekly Wound Up

Did you miss our newsletter last week? I must confess that I was on vacation with my family!  We made it to Disneyland and we had all kinds of fun wearing our CKC tops and shorts. People noticed our outfits everywhere we went and we even had someone offer to buy my husband's shirt off him right then. (He was wise and said no.) Well, now we're back home and into reality, so let's get all caught up on this week's happenings at CKC: 

New Releases

This week we released seven new patterns including two women's patterns, two girls patterns, one dance wear pattern, one baby pattern, and one doll pattern! Wow! 

First up is Frances' Pleated Dress. This amazing dress has it all, with a pintuck bodice, hemtuck skirt, button closure, ruffled neck, and pleated sash. The classic lines of this dress will ensure that your little lady is looking her very best! 

Next up is Qiana’s Keyhole Leotard, the newest dancewear design of 2018! This fun number features the popular neckline keyhole, both legband and elastic leg options, both full front and peekaboo front options, as well as a fun cut back! 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Adding a Neck Placket to a Knit Outfit

Today we have a versatile tutorial for you that can be used on a bunch of different knit patterns!

Rainey's Top, as written
Neck Placket included in Mason's Romper

You have probably seen our adorable Rainey's pattern that came out recently in Girl, Doll, and Baby sizes.  Isn't it adorable?  It's made of comfy soft knit so it's easy to get on and off. 

That is, at least, for "most" kids. 

My kids seem to have larger-than-average heads though, so even stretchy knit neckbands can be hard to get on and off. (This is the case with storebought shirts especially!) I did figure out long ago though, that this can easily be remedied by adding a neck placket!  So when a tester came to me with the same issue, I knew just the thing that would help her out.  

Look at this adorable little cutie in her modified Rainey's!  You can see that her mother added a snap placket in back so the outfit is easier to get on and off. It turned out super cute!  (The placket can be done in front instead, if you prefer.)  Today's tutorial photos come to us from our fabulous tester Audra Chapin - yes, that's her darling model above. The instructions were adapted from our Mason's romper pattern, if you prefer to get that and have the calculations done and all in one place.  But for now, we'll show you how to do it on whatever pattern you choose!

Please note that we included a LOT of photos here to make the tutorial easy to follow.  It's really not a difficult or time-consuming project though. Just take it a step at a time and you'll be fine! For materials, you will need just a little more fabric (scraps will work) and a couple snaps or buttons.  Let's get started!

First, you will cut your placket piece and interfacing. They need to be 6" wide and however long you want the placket to be.  For example, a 4" x 6" placket will work for most baby and kid sizes. Cut that out of the placket fabric and interfacing. 

Then you also need to adjust the neckband from whatever pattern you're making.  Because the neckband needs to cover a little extra distance of the overlapping placket, you will need to add 2" to the neckband measurement.  (For example, if your pattern calls for a 2" x 16" neckband, you will need to cut it at 2" x 18" instead.)  

You will also need two 2" x 2" pieces of fusible interfacing to go on the ends of the neckband. 

Finally, you can cut all the remaining outfit pieces as instructed in your particular pattern. 

Now you're ready for construction!